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Top 10 Poison Prevention Tips

  • Keep potentially harmful items such as cleaning supplies and medications out of reach of children. It is best to store them in high and/or locked cupboards.
  • Keep products in their original, labeled containers. The information on the label is very helpful if you have to call the Poison Centre about a poisoning.
  • Cannabis edibles and liquids contain high amounts of THC and can be dangerous to small children. It is recommended that these products are stored in a locked container or a locked cupboard.  Children can have significant effects from cannabis edibles such as drowsiness, coma, agitation, and difficulty breathing.
  • Never refer to medicine as candy. Medications often look like candy and children may be tempted to help themselves.
  • Toddlers are curious and like to explore their world. Be aware of what is in your purse, pockets, medication dosettes, and drawers that may be harmful to a child.
  • Never take medications in the dark – turn the light on and put your glasses on to prevent medication errors.
  • Read product labels before use and wear proper protective gear (i.e. gloves, mask, goggles) as directed.
  • Do not mix cleaners – this can produce poisonous gases that may be harmful when you breathe them in.
  • Never take other people’s medications. Medications that are appropriate for one person can be potentially harmful to another person.
  • Be aware of the environment around you. Other homes and environments that you visit may not be “poison-proof” for your child. Supervision is the main key to preventing poisonings in children. Remember there is no such thing as child proof, children can open “child resistant” containers with time.

If you think someone may have been exposed to a poison, please call the Atlantic Canada Poison Centre at 1-800-565-8161 (NS, PEI) or 1-844-POISONX (NL). Expert health care professionals are available 24/7 to provide you with individualized treatment advice.

Download the following documents for more information:

Poisonings in Children 5 and under Fact Sheet 2023 English

Poisonings in Children 5 and under Fact Sheet 2023 French

Poisonings in Children 5 and under Fact Sheet 2023 Arabic


Preventing Poisonings Infographic 2023 English

Preventing Poisonings Infographic 2023 French

Preventing Poisonings Infographic 2023 Arabic