Poison & Antidote Chart

Note: This document pertains only to the antidotes contained in the antidote kit. Many other antidotes exist: if information is required, contact the poison centre at 1-800-565-8161

Poison Antidote
Acetaminophen Acetylcysteine
Anesthetics, local Lipid emulsion (Fat Emulsion)
Aniline Methylene blue
Anticholinesterases (i.e. organophosphates) Atropine, Pralidoxime (2-PAM)
Antidepressants, Cyclic (TCAs) Sodium bicarbonate, Lipid emulsion
Antidepressants, noncyclic (i.e., SSRIs, SNRIs, bupropion, venlafaxine, etc) Sodium bicarbonate, Lipid emulsion
Arsenic Dimaval
Benzodiazepines Flumazenil
Beta-blockers Atropine, Insulin, Calcium, Glucagon (adjunctive therapy only), Lipid emulsion
Black Widow spider Black Widow spider antivenin (Antivenin Latrodectus Mactans)
Calcium channel blockers Atropine, Insulin, Calcium, Lipid emulsion
Cyanide Hydroxocobalamin (Cyanokit), Sodium thiosulfate
Digoxin Atropine, Digoxin immune Fab
Ethylene glycol Fomepizole, Pyridoxine, Sodium bicarbonate
Glycol Ethers Fomepizole
Hydrofluoric acid burns Calcium gluconate
Iron Deferoxamine (Desferrioxamine)
Isoniazid Pyridoxine
Lead Dimaval
Mercury (inorganic or elemental) Dimaval
Methanol Fomepizole
Mushrooms, Hepatotoxic (i.e., Amanita phalloides) Acetylcysteine
Mushrooms, Seizure-inducing (gyromitra or hydrazine-containing mushrooms) Pyridoxine
Nitrates Methylene blue
Nitrites Methylene blue
Opioids Naloxone
Organophosphate insecticides Atropine Pralidoxime (2-PAM)
Salicylates Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium channel blocking drugs* (wide QRS) Sodium bicarbonate, Lipid emulsion
Sulfonylurea (oral hypoglycaemic) Octreotide
* Sodium channel blockers encompass many classes of drugs which can result in widening of the QRS and hypotension with toxicity. Examples of these drugs include: Amantadine, Carbamazepine, Chloroquine, Class IA antiarrythmics Class IC antiarrythmics , Citalopram, Cocaine, Cyclic antidepressants, Diltiazem, Diphenhydramine, Dimenhydrinate, Hydroxychloroquine, Loxapine, Orphenadrine, Phenothiazines, Propranolol, Propoxyphene, Quinine, Verapamil